As entrepreneur and user of startup valuation algorithms available on the market, you often face different questions.  What can I do to improve my presentations and convince VCs investors ? My pitch is ready ? Are results from algorithms really good ? Can I seriously trust computers I use instead experts advices ? All those questions are completely normal. Today we are going to answer one of them : how to improve your presentations and convince investors to trust you. 

We are going to present you 4 fundamental points that will really increase your pitches quallity. Tips that we are going to share with you are not absolute rules but are most of time really appreciated by investors. Let’s so discover what they are and how they will transform basic pitches into better ones.


1. Have a killer brand and image before you pitch.

Don’t introduce yourself with a crappy logo or a “my printer was out of green ink” powerpoint. As experts say : “A good brand and a killer visual identity help investors “see the cognitive leap” customers will take to drive sales”. It can take time to crate an amazing and professional presentation but don’t underestimate impact your logo or presentation tool will have. Prepare it correctly and work hard on visuals. Information are important but presentation tools have at least similar importance. Keep it in mind and create amazing tools to convince others. 

2. Have a well-documented sales process in your pitch.

Sales is everything. Talking about product or service is fine, talking about HOW will you get clients to use it is essential. Actually that’s often more important than the rest. Audience is interested in sales strategies and traction tactics you will use to attract consumers and convert them. 

3. Show anticipation and plan for pivots.

Even if it is quite unusual for entrepreneurs in Europe, pivoting business is essential. Experts mention it a lot “Your pitch should show to investors that you have thought through alternative pivots, and… you are willing to spend their money wisely on opportunistic pivots over staying the course of your ego”. You can sum this idea up thinking about professionalism waited by investors. They will only accept to spend money on interesting projects according their point of view which is a very financial opportunist one. Only well prepared projects and anticipations can promise interesting revenues so don’t hesitate to anticipate scenrios and possibilities. More than preparation that show a very proactive character what is always appreciated.

4. Surprise your audience with a confident pitch.

Sometime, often actually, investors will listen you and at the end tell you that according them your valuation is too optimistic. Most of people will over react or ask investors why they think like this. Best answer you can give is a poker face. Don’t say anything and wait, keeping silence. You are supposed to perfectly know what you are talking about and don’t forget the following fact. You have the upper hand in this debate because if your immersion in the numbers; don’t give that away by speaking first”. Let investors explain their thoughts and fears or at least invite them to do it. Then, smartly answer their questions.

We hope those little tips will help you as they have already been helping hundred of pitchers. Don’t forget that fundraising is a long term process and that you do not have lots of opportunities to rasie money in front of investors. Prepare you well, listen experimented advisors or dealmakers and build a solid presentation to take breathes away.