What is Serious Funding ?

Serious Funding is a spin off company of Allyum (a major Merger and Acquisition company based in Brussels, Belgium; and was made in collaboration with (a Brussels based innovation agency)

Our mission is to help startups get funding in a fast and serious way.

Why Serious? Because we believe that funding is a key element contributing to the success of a startup. The funding process is critical as it implies the valuation of the company, the choice of the investors as well as the terms and conditions of the investment which, eventually, will impact directly the life of the entrepreneur. Therefore, we do believe that startups deserve SERIOUS investors and need SERIOUS advice to succeed in their funding.

For now Serious Funding operates in Belgium but 2017 should see development in Europe.

Serious Funding is not an investment advisor but wishes only to help startups get access to investors. We do not issue investment recommendation and ask every investor to perform his/her own due diligence before making any investment. We cannot be held responsible for any information communicated by a startup, an expert or anyone to any investor.

Our dedicated team

Raphaël Abou
Raphaël AbouChief Funding Officer
Raphaël Abou is the Founder of Serious Funding and the Chief Funding Officer. His role is to make your startup funding a succes.                      
 +32 475 60 61 82

Annelies Dejonckheere
Annelies DejonckheereBusiness Developer
Annelies Dejonckheere is the Business Developer of Serious Funding. Her role is to develop Serious Funding in Belgium and abroad.
 +32 495 73 82 46

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